ATTENTION: Are You a Homeowner Who May Be Facing Potential Bedbugs Infestation?
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Dear Homeowners,
You are reading this probably because you may have a bedbug problem at your house and you are wondering what is the next best solution to get rid of these annoying hidden bugs.

You may have tried solutions from Supermarkets, Homefix and so on...

They simply don't work. 

Now HERE is a scary fact...

Bedbugs Spread Like Wildfire... And By The Time You Noticed One, Your House Is Probably Infested!  

A single female Bedbug can lay OVER 500 eggs.

Suitcases, backpacks, handbags and even items of furniture, such as wardrobes and sofas all provide bed bugs with free travel to a new and exciting place to live.   

This can be a permanent problem and things only get worse over time...
Is Your House Having a Bedbug Problem?
If You Have A Mattress That Is... 

1) More Than 3 Years Old 

2) Have Not Maintained or Cleaned by a Specialist In The Past 6 Months

The chances of your bed being infestated by Bedbug is probably 80% or higher.

As mentioned earlier, bedbugs are everywhere. They can come from Cinema, Shopping Mall and more...

Here's Something Special For You... 
Hi my name is Zack, and I'm the Founder of Pest Biz Services, a pest management company specializing in home pest treatments such as bed bug infestations, cockroaches and the like.   

I've been in this industry for over 15 years, and the reason why I even started this company was because I saw that most households needed help in pest management and infestations.
Pest Situations like Bed Bugs Infestations are extremely common in Singapore, and contribute to many diseases faced by children such as asthma, eczema...
As a family man myself, I think it's important to be able to raise a family in the most hygienic and clean environments. 

Many people were always under impression that pest management is expensive...

But it doesn't have to be.

At Pest Biz Services, our mission is to make it affordable for Average Singaporean Family. 

So if cost is your concern, you can put that aside for now...

Now Hear What My Previous Customers Have To Say About Our Bed Bug Removal Service...

Thank u so much Pest Biz Service, Mr Zack and team for the prompt and excellent service!  

 Your diagnosis of my pest problem was spot on! Im so impressed! I immediately searched for the source of infestation and walla! 

To the pest controller who visited my home, he was very professional and well experienced, did a thorough inspection of my house and cleaned up the entire place obligingly! 

For a lesser known company, they were definitely beyond what I had expected! Highly recommended!! 

- Siti Rasyidah Gozali 

Zack was really friendly and professional. I called him, being at a total loss of what to do. 

He was able to assure me by explaining what he was going to do and why, and how we needed to cooperate with him. 

He was able to assure me that they used Insect Growth Regulator, which is much more effective than just toxins to kill the bed bugs. The package they offered was of much better value for money than some other more famous pest control companies. 

After the sessions, no more bed bugs. I am confident that I wont have to use the 1 month guarantee but even if the unthinkable happens, I am assured that Zack will do his best to help us. Generally - good expertise, good service, value for money, thumbs up!   

- Sylvia Lim 
Very prompt response. Staff also took initiative to follow up. Did one session and bugs were gone!

- Kelly Shia Pei Yan
If you are still feeling skeptical, here's our personal guarantee to you...

When you take up our Bedbug Removal Service and if there's any bug to be found in your house, we will personally provide you Additional FREE Bedbug Removal Service on us.

We will do it until every single bugs are exterminated from your house.
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